Spun Bamboo Vase TCV12

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• Product Name: Vase/ Flower Vase/ Handicraft Vase/ Decor Vase/ Woven Vase/ Decoration Vase
• Usage: Displaying Dry Flowers and Decoration
• Material: Spun Bamboo
• Color: Customized Color
• Dimension: Diameter: 20 cm, Height: 40 cm
• Product's code: TCV12

1. Products Description

Bamboo is a fast-growing and environmentally friendly plant that is amazingly useful. It is a renewable and plentiful resource and its use improves the livelihoods of traditional craft producers in Vietnam. This vase is made by wrapping strips of bamboo around a mold, then decorating with lacquer to give an incredible eggshell design in lustrous colors. The exclusive qualities of the floor vase, such as vibrant colors, sturdy design, and bonus hints of natural beauty will complete the look of any room.

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2. Detailed Image and Usage

This bamboo vase is perfect for the floor or a plant stand. This decorative vase is not water-tight, making it perfect for dried or silk flowers. These are extremely useful and necessary products for your house.

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4. Packing & Delivery

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