Elevate Your Christmas Decor with Exquisite Handicrafts

As the holiday season approaches, decking the halls with unique and natural decorations is a delightful tradition. For those who appreciate authenticity and craftsmanship, incorporating woven crafts into your Christmas decor can add a touch of elegance and creativity.


Water hyacinth baskets are a versatile and eco-friendly product that can be used and decorated in many ways. Water hyacinth baskets are made from water hyacinth, a fast-growing aquatic plant that can be harvested and woven into various shapes and sizes. Water hyacinth baskets have a natural and rustic look that can add charm and warmth to any space. Water hyacinth baskets are also durable and lightweight, making them easy to move and store

Handicraft Products Suitable For The Bathroom

Handicraft items made of natural materials are perfect for the bathroom to give you the ultimate spa experience, in the comfort of your own home. Normally, these materials are not as expensive as others like marble, ceramic, or plastic.

5 secrets of using and preserving bamboo and rattan lamps

With a simple, natural beauty, friendly but also elegant, the bamboo and rattan lamps have become the choice of many families. Let's pocket some ways to preserve bamboo and rattan furniture for the bamboo and rattan lamps to be durable!

Why Is The Trend Of Using Bamboo & Rattan Furniture On The Throne?

The rustic, simple, keeping the quintessential beauty of the Vietnamese village but no less luxurious are the outstanding features that people imagine about handicrafts. The trend of bamboo and rattan furniture is very popular and sought after by many people. Not only by the classic beauty, harmony and warmth for living space. But also because it can be applied in so many different spaces.

Rattan Bamboo Pendant Lamps - Outstanding Advantages and Popular Types

In this article, we would like to introduce you some advantages and disadvantages of bamboo and rattan lamps.

Where To Buy Wedding Plate Chargers?

The use of a wedding plate charger can greatly affect the decoration of your wedding table. Learn where you can buy affordable charger in this post.

Promoting The Value Of Typical Products From Craft Villages

In the past time, in the process of consolidating and developing craft villages in Phu Tho, there have appeared a number of effective cooperative models, actively contributing to promoting the value of typical local products. This not only contributes to raising people's incomes, implements hunger eradication and poverty reduction, but also creates a cultural beauty with specific regional characteristics.

Top Pick of Seagrass Rug and Carpet With Good Price

To give you a hand to find your favorite style for your home, we have compiled the top picks for you here. Whether you are looking for a seagrass rug or runner, for your living room or bedroom, we got your back. Let's discover now.

Unique Hundred Year Old Mat Village In Dong Thap

Formed for more than 100 years, Dinh Yen traditional mat weaving village (Dinh Yen commune, Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province) is one of the craft villages recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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