Water Hyacinth Table Lamp 08

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Name: Water Hyacinth StrawsTable Lamp Lampshade Chandelier Manufacturer Beside Lamps Disk Pendant Light Handwoven Interiors Pendant Light Night Light Bedroom Wicker Table Lamp
Material: Water Hyacinth
Type: Decoration for Restaurant, Coffee, Hotel, Spa, Resort…
Size: Customized
Color: Natural
Product code: KWTL08

Water Hyacinth Table Lamp from King Craft Viet

Table Lamp is one of the popular interior decoration products recently. They are made of environmentally friendly materials. The Water Hyacinth Straws Table Lamp is 100% handwoven by the skillful hands of Vietnamese artisans.

Each water hyacinth desk lamp/Table lamp tells its our story and reflects its our culture to create a beautiful and unique collection of natural lightning especially the reflections of water hyacinth desk lamp/Table Lamp give a warm and cozy vibe to your home.

The woven material gives a warm, welcoming glow and casts decorative light patterns in the room.

This natural pendant light is a perfect decoration for your living rooms, hotels, restaurants, café, etc or you can apply it to every corner of your house. We believe that the Lamp Shade products will bring a lot of emotions to your house and you will have a great experience with this shade.

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