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• Product name: Rice Drinking Straws, Drinking Straws Made From Rice, Straws For Drinks
• Made In VietNam
• Usage: Drinking
• Material: Rice
• Color: Natural
• Dimension: Customer's size

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1. Product Feature

This simple rice straw is handmade and made from raw rice. All materials are environmentally friendly, and non-toxic to the environment. Rice straws are handmade from rice material, a bold Vietnamese style. 100% natural materials, no chemicals, no residue of growth drugs, plant protection, fertilizers. Rice is carefully selected, dried in the sun, and then processed into environmentally friendly cups. The product is made entirely of natural bamboo, so the color, size, and wood grain of the product will not be the same on each product. Color: natural


rice straws

2. Detailed Image and Usage

Bamboo straws can be used many times, many years, stored in a dry place to avoid mold.
The cup is suitable for all uses: You can use it for drinking water, tea, coffee, even beer sizes, if you want.


rice straws

rice straws

rice straws

rice straws

rice straws

rice straws


3. Packing and Delivery


5. FAQ

Question 1. Are you the manufacturer? Why should I work with you? 

Answer: Yes we are the manufacturer. Our products are made by ourselves, we control quantity, quality, and price. 

Question 2. Can I order samples? How are samples shipped? 

Answer: Yes samples are available. Samples in small pieces are packed carefully and shipped by DHL, FEDEX, TNT in order to minimize shipping time with affordable cost for customers. 

Question 3: How about OEM?

Answer: We totally accept to customize production as per customer's requirement of color, brand name/logo, etc.,


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